Vision of the Japan Tourism Agency

Last Update : 2024/3/22

Establishment of the Vision of the Japan Tourism Agency

An Open Tourism Agency: The first agency following the 2001 Central Government Reform, bringing fresh ideas to Kasumigaseki

The Japan Tourism Agency was launched on October 1, 2008, carrying with it the mandate of “being a government agency unlike the usual, unfettered by traditional framework.” As the first agency to be established after the Central Government Reform of January 2001, we are also determined to create a new mindset and organizational culture befitting a new body. The result is the "Vision of the Japan Tourism Agency."

This vision consists of two parts: namely, the philosophy and the code of conduct. Of these, the five items of the code of conduct are designated as "The Five Rules of the Japan Tourism Agency." There are wallet-sized cards available to remind each and every member of the agency of these five rules as they carry out their duties.

Based on this vision and in accordance with the idea of "An Open Tourism Agency," the entire organization is committed to "building a country good to live in, good to visit," and achieving a true tourism nation.


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