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Government Framework for Tourism Nation Promotion

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Last Update : 2010/4/12

The JTA is working on tourism administration in cooperation with other ministries and agencies. You can find out more about their tourism measures and projects being worked on through each organization’s Web site.

Office of Tourism Nation Promotion

This office is headed by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (the minister in charge of tourism nation-building), and consists of vice ministers of each ministry and agency. There are working teams established under the office.
For example:
Enhancement of immigration check system, etc.
PR through diplomatic missions abroad, expediting and streamlining visa issuance, etc.
Conservation and utilization of cultural resources, cultural promotions, student exchange, educational travel, etc.
Encouragement of vacation-taking by working people, management of an environmental sanitation for accommodations, etc.
Coexistence and synergy of cities and rural farming, mountain and fishing communities, etc.
Creation of service industries, fostering of content industries, industrial tourism, etc.
Conservation of national parks and World Heritage Sites, eco-tourism, etc.