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"JAPAN TRAVEL WEEK" will begin soon!


Last Update : 2014/9/19

○ "JAPAN TRAVEL WEEK" will start on September 24th (Wed), aiming to be the world-largest international tourism event.
○ In particular, 358 overseas buyers from 28 countries and regions will participate in the "VISIT JAPAN Travel Mart 2014" and "VISIT JAPAN MICE Mart 2014", which is the largest number ever.

  1. Schedule for the "JAPAN TRAVEL WEEK"
2. Overview of "VISIT JAPAN Travel Mart" and "VISIT JAPAN MICE Mart"

(1) Inbound travel business meeting
○ Date: November 24th (Wed) to 26th (Fri), 2014
-15:50-18:00 on 24th (Wed)   - 09:30-18:00 on 25th (Thu)   - 09:30-15:00 on 26th (Fri)
○ Venue: Tokyo Big Sight (East Hall 6)
○ Invitees (As of September 12th)
358 overseas buyers (28 countries and regions) [340 for VJTM / 18 for VJMM]
* The largest number prior to this was 294 buyers in 2013 (20 countries and regions) 
12 overseas media agencies (10 countries and regions)
○ Exhibitors (As of September 12th)
400 domestic sellers (tourism-related companies / organizations)
* Furthermore, 17 companies / organizations will participate as PR sellers (tourism-related companies without prior appointment)
* Refer to the attachment for details.
(2) FAM Trip                                          
○ Schedule (11 courses nationwide) <Refer to the attachment for details>
September 27th (Sat) to 30th (Tue), 2014 (VJMM is held after the business meeting on 26th (Fri))
○ Dissemination of Japanese attractions by a joint effort of the all-Japan system
Participants of the FAM trip are planed to experience farming at farm houses in Ajimu-cho in collaboration with MAFF and Kyo Yuzen (traditional craft) dyeing in collaboration with METI and the Traditional Craft Promotion Association.
(3) Briefing session for overseas media agencies
○ Date: 16:00-17:15 on September 24th (Wed)
○ Venue: Tokyo Big Sight (Media room in East Hall 6)
○ Briefer: JTA Senior Director (Inbound Tourism Branding and Promotion Division)
General director of JNTO, Convention Invitation Manager of JNTO, etc.
  * Organizer: JTA and JNTO
 * For reporters
 - Pre-registration is mandatory for admission to "VISIT JAPAN Travel Mart" and "VISIT JAPAN MICE Mart" business meetings.
- For admission, please fill out the form below.
<Reference> Major related events (Pre-registration is mandatory for admission)
1. "JAPANTRAVELWEEK" joint press conference
○ Date: 18:00-18:40 on September 25th (Thu)
○ Venue: B1F Toyokan of the Tokyo National Museum
○ Speakers: Commissioner of the Japan Tourism Agency, President of Japan National Tourist Organization, Chairman of the Japan Travel and Tourism Association,
 Chairman of the Japan Association of Travel Agents, Secretary-General of World Tourism Organization
2. Joint gathering "Japan Night" (jointly held with "JATA Tourism EXPO Japan 2014")
○ Date: 19:30-21:30 on September 25th (Thu)
○ Venue: Garden in front of the Honkan of the Tokyo National Museum
* Refer to the URL below for the overview of the "JATA Tourism EXPO Japan 2014".  
  (Organizer: Japan Travel and Tourism Association /Japan Association of Travel Agents)
Inquiries Regarding This Page
(VISIT JAPAN Travel Mart)
Attached to the Inbound Tourism Branding And Promotion Division Counselor
Sakuma / Yamaguchi / Suzuki Main: +81-3-5253-8111
(Extension: 27523 / 27522 / 27519)
Direct: +81-3-5253-8922 FAX: +81-3-5253-1563
Attached to the MICE Promotion Division Counselor
Ota (Yoshi) Main: +81-3-5253-8111
(Extension: 27610)
Direct: +81-3-5253-8938 FAX: +81-3-5253-1563