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Promoting Japanese Food and Tourism at 30 Gyu-Kaku Restaurants Overseas!


Last Update : 2012/11/2

As part of the Visit Japan Project for fiscal 2012, the Japan Tourism Agency has linked up with a Japanese multinational business to conduct a Japanese tourism promotion aimed at foreigners who like Japanese-brand products and service.
From November this year, in conjunction with REINS international inc., the Japan Tourism Agency will conduct a promotion at 30 Gyu-Kaku restaurants located in 4 overseas markets (Taiwan, the United States, Hong Kong, and Singapore) for the purpose of stimulating people's desire to visit Japan by showcasing the attractiveness of tourism to Japan through Japanese foods such as wagyu beef and sake.

Summary of the promotion;
Starting in November, the promotional activities outlined below will be held at a total of 30 overseas Gyu-Kaku restaurants among the many branches that have opened in various countries and regions worldwide. The 30 selected branches are the most well established as "YAKINIKU: Japanese BBQ" restaurants, and each enjoys a high profile in the local scene: 6 in Taiwan, 13 in the U.S., 6 in Hong Kong, and 5 in Singapore.

- A JAPAN FOOD FAIR 2012 will be held with a special menu available for a limited time featuring quintessentially Japanese foods such as wagyu beef, Hokkaido scallops, tofu, and sake. Not only will these typically Japanese meals be accompanied by the clean and polite service for
which Japan is known but the menu will also introduce tourist destinations in the regions that produce the foods being served.
- In addition to conducting a campaign in which customers will go into a draw to win one of several prizes which include a trip to Japan to visit the region that produces the foods used in the special limited menu, we will provide discount coupons that can be used at Gyu-Kaku restaurants in Japan.
- We will periodically provide information relating to Japan's food culture and tourism to members of Gyu-Kaku's Facebook page and mail magazine in those markets where interest in Japan continues to be high.

These initiatives are aimed at converting foreign people's interest in Japanese food and service into a desire to visit Japan.

* The Japan Tourism Agency plans to start other projects in conjunction with other Japanese businesses that are expanding globally.
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