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Presenting a tourism information app for the iPhone in cooperation with the world-famous Hello Kitty!


Last Update : 2012/9/3

-Nationwide Visit Japan Promotions (PPP) Phase 1-

- As a part of the Visit Japan project in 2012, we will cooperate with Japanese companies that offer products/services overseas to further promote tourism to Japan to foreign people who like Japanese brands.
- For the first phase, we will cooperate with SANRIO CO., LTD. and utilize the Hello Kitty character, which is highly popular overseas in age groups ranging from children to adults, for the purpose of promoting visitation to Japan.
- In order to spread information overseas, we will make use of Sanrio’s fan network via outlets such as Facebook, and we will go through JNTO’s Overseas Offices to publish press releases, newspaper advertisements, and Facebook posts, as well as to distribute flyers at travel/Japan visitation promotion events.
Presenting a tourism information app for the iPhone in cooperation with the world-famous Hello Kitty!
About Nationwide Visit Japan Promotions
In the new iPhone application we will be providing from September 3rd, which is entitled “Visit Japan with HELLO KITTY”, the appeal of each of the 47 prefectures will be introduced to users, who will be able to take a picture at each location with HELLO KITTY.

* There are also plans to cooperate with Japanese companies such as cosmetics companies and restaurants who are popular in overseas markets for further promotion.

“Visit Japan with HELLO KITTY” iPhone App Details

1. App Overview
 -App Name: Visit Japan with HELLO KITTY
 -Supported Languages: English, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese
 -Cost: Free
 -Platforms: iOS4, iOS5 (iPhone)
 -Launch Date: September 3, 2012
 -Distribution: Download from App Store (Until March 31, 2013)
 -Developer: NEC BIGLOBE, Ltd.

2. App Features
 -“On-Site Kitty” Guide Function
  Designed in association with famous landmarks and products from across the country, “On-Site Kitty” provides information about each tourist destination through 53 carefully selected mascot characters that represent the prefectures and administrative divisions of Japan.
 -Augmented Reality (AR) Camera Function
  If users start up the AR Camera while in Japan, the GPS system will be activated, and it will determine the nearest tourist destination. The “On-Site Kitty” character representing that location will appear on the screen for users to take a commemorative photo with. Users can also post the photo to SNS and communicate the appeal of Japan to friends and acquaintances who have never visited Japan.
 -Collection Function
  The photos users take while traveling in Japan will be recorded in the app as a collection, and they can be viewed as an album after the trip is over. Furthermore, users will receive background wallpaper presents of the “On-Site Kitty” characters that they take photos with.
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