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Japan Tourism Agency > News/Press Conferences > Press Release > 2012 > Radiation dose after touring Tokyo for one day (July 9, 2012)Report on field measurements
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Radiation dose after touring Tokyo for one day (July 9, 2012)Report on field measurements


Last Update : 2012/7/20

With a view to providing the type of information sought by foreign visitors to Japan and allaying their fears about radioactivity, we recently conducted a survey to measure the amount of radiation to which a tourist would be exposed while sightseeing in Tokyo for one day and to check for the presence of radioactive materials contained in three meals consumed throughout the day. The results are reported below.
○ A foreigner touring Tokyo for a day was asked to carry a radiation counter for the purpose of measuring the radiation dose received in one day. The measured air dose was 0.06μSv/h, which is below the global average of 0.099μSv/h (*1).
(*1) Calculated based on the ‘United Nations Scientific Committee (UNSCEAR) 2000 Report’ and ‘Graphical Flip-chart of Nuclear & Energy Related Topics’

○ In the same survey, samples of three meals eaten during the day were taken to an inspection agency to check for radioactive materials contained in the food. The result for all three meals was “Not detectable” (*2).  
(*2) For this survey, the lower detection limit was set substantially lower (3Bq/kg) than the regulation values (10Bq/kg for water, etc.) in Japan, which is one of the strictest regulations in the world.
For more information, see the attached document.
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