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Announcement of the final decision on “Charming Japanese Souvenir Contest 2011”


Last Update : 2011/2/18

~ Grand prize was selected from the total of 755 applied souvenirs ~


   The final examination committee for the “Charming Japanese Souvenir Contest 2011” hosted by the Japan Tourism Agency was held on February 18, 2011 (Friday), and “City Postcard” (Susumu Yamaoka (individual), Tokyo) won the grand prize among the total of 755 applications after the examination by foreigners from the Visit Japan priority markets and persons who are familiar with tourism and logistics.

   In addition, 9 category awards (Traditional Japan category, Essential Japan category and Cool Japan category: Gold, silver and bronze items for each category), 15 international awards and 1 special award for the International Years of Forests were selected.
   These products will be honored at the award ceremony held in Tokyo on March 9(Wednesday).They will also be exhibited and sold in Narita Airport,Kansai Airport,Chubu Airport and Haneda Airport.

Name of product:・・・・・・ City post card

Name of manufacturing company

Susumu Yamaoka (individual)

:・・・・・・ Tokyo prefecture

:・・・・・・ 1,260 Yen
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