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Japan Tourism Agency > News/Press Conferences > Press Release > 2016 > We selected 320 medical institutions accepting foreign tourists visiting Japan nationwide. - Initiatives for securement/security for foreign tourists visiting Japan
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We selected 320 medical institutions accepting foreign tourists visiting Japan nationwide. - Initiatives for securement/security for foreign tourists visiting Japan


Last Update : 2016/3/4

The Tourism Agency has been dealing with the improvement of the acceptance environment to ensure security/safety for foreign tourists based on the Action Program 2015 aiming at the realization of a Tourism Oriented National Foundation. As a measure for cases when foreign tourists suffer accidental injuries/diseases during their stay in Japan, we will report the following four measures to you since we have currently implemented them.
1.Preparation of the list of medical institutions accepting foreign tourists visiting Japan
 About 320 medical institutions were reported nationwide after asking municipalities to select medical institutions capable of accepting foreign tourists based on requirements offered by the Japan Tourism Agency and the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, in order for foreign tourists to be able to smoothly get access to medical institutions. We posted these in the Japan National Tourism Organization’s (JNTO’s) Home Page, after compiling these as a list. We will carry out fulfillment of the list after the next fiscal year also, based on selections in municipalities.
2.Preparation of medical institutions’ usage guide to be utilized when suffering accidental injuries/diseases.
Under the supervision by the Japan Medical Association/Tokyo Medical Association, a usage guide for medical institutions has been prepared. Moreover, we posted a similar guide on the Japan National Tourism Organization’s HP. In the future, we will distribute the usage guides to all acceptance personnel in nationwide tourist information centers, accommodation facilities, medical institutions, local autonomous bodies and such. 

-    Basic information on Japan’s medical institutions.
-    How to consult medical institutions and attentive matters.
-   Point to communicate conversation sheets for explaining symptoms/disease conditions, etc.
3.Implementation of the promotion for overseas travel insurance subscription for foreign tourists visiting Japan
In parallel with sequentially initiating development/sales of the overseas travel insurance to which foreign travelers are capable of obtaining after arrival in Japan, in order to prevent outstanding medical fees at medical institutions, an action for foreign travelers to join it shall be carried out through paper media, social media or the like. Furthermore, we will also carry out publicity not just for foreign travelers but for all reception personnel at tourism information centers, accommodation facilities, local autonomous bodies and such.
(PDF)Leaflets PDF for overseas travel insurance subscription promotion
*We prepared a PR column on the back of the overseas travel insurance promotion and at the end of the usage guide of medical institutions, to advertise for overseas travel damage insurance capable which can be subscribed to after arrival to Japan.  
4.Installation of security/safety measure consultation counter for autonomous bodies.
Amid an increase in instances of accidental injuries/diseases or on the assumption of such an increase, we installed Security/Safety Consultation Counters in the Japan Tourism Agency and Tourism Division of District Transport Bureau, etc. These will function as a unitary counter when referrals relevant to examples of other regions or systems of other ministries come out.

I.      Taking into account foreign travelers’ visiting requirements and accesses, we shall select one hospital or more which satisfies all the following requirements.
(1)     The hospital shall accept patients around the clock 365 days a year.
(2)     It shall have multiple clinical departments including an emergency department, department of internal medicine, surgery department and pediatrics department (on the assumption of being a comprehensive hospital).
(3)     Medical care in English shall be possible to some extent. (Within normal consultation hours, doctors shall be able to consult patients directly in English or shall be able to consult patients through a Japanese to English interpreter.)
II.     After selecting more than one hospital satisfying all the above requirements (1) to (3), in parallel, taking foreign tourists’ visiting situations and accesses to medical institutions into account, selection of medical institutions capable of medical care in foreign languages shall be carried out.
III.    Implementation of selection for medical institutions in reference to authorized hospitals for foreign patients by the Japan Medical Service Accreditation for International Patients (JMIP) and lodgment hospitals allocating medical interpreters/medical coordinators in the environmental improvement project to accept foreign patients in medical institutions for fiscal 2015 provided by the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry.
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