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Japan Tourism Agency > News/Press Conferences > Press Release > 2011 > Commissioner Mizohata’s Message to the People in and around the Tourism Sector in Japan
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Commissioner Mizohata’s Message to the People in and around the Tourism Sector in Japan


Last Update : 2011/4/12

 The Tohoku Pacific Earthquake has made an enormous impact on various sectors nationwide, including voluntary restrictions on various activities. With regards to tourism, each region is facing a serious situation due to a sharp slide in the number of tourists not only in the regions directly affected by the disaster but in other regions too. Taking into account this situation, the Tourism Agency’s Commissioner Hiroshi Mizohata delivered his message to those in and around the tourism sector in Japan as attached.

1. Active communication of Japan’s vitality through tourism of the unaffected regions will contribute to supporting the affected regions.

2. Actively taking on measures for tourism is important in demonstrating Japan’s vitality to the world and overcoming the difficult situation facing Japan without shrinking the economy.

3. Within the jurisdiction of Tokyo Electric Power Co., Inc. and Tohoku Electric Power Co. Inc., continuously carrying out measures for tourism while making an effort to conserve power is contributing to the revitalization of all regions.

4. Concerning measures for the affected regions in the future, the Tourism Agency would like to provide maximal assistance based on local requirements, responding to the actual situation in each of the regions.