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Japan Tourism Agency > News/Press Conferences > Press Release > 2010 > Updating Foreign Visitor Reception Environment in the City of Fukuoka
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Updating Foreign Visitor Reception Environment in the City of Fukuoka


Last Update : 2010/9/27

 In preparation for imminent annual reception of 30 million foreign visitors to Japan, we are in need to update visitor reception capability to avoid a bottle neck in visitor allurement efforts due to delays in the updating process, but the current status is that there are sizeable differences in the level of reception capabilities among various reception centers on the domestic scene as a whole, the status of preparedness cannot be considered satisfactory.
 For this reason, we must improve the mobility of foreign visitors who are traveling in Japan and raise the level of satisfaction through a consorted effort of by the government, regional public bodies and private operators in the tourism industry.
 The policy of the Japan Tourism Agency is to organize public/private corroboration programs to set up strategic regional visitor reception hubs that play a central role receiving foreign visitors. The strategic hub development programs for this year will be implemented in five cities, Yokohama, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Fukuoka and Urayasu.
 Fukuoka will set about planning to improve the regional human resources development programs to take the form of consorted regional effort and improve the quality of tour guides and tourist accessibility to various sites as a regional human resources development project.
 The Kyushu District Transport Bureau will be involved in improvement of accessibility in the city centering round the Hakata Port facilities and the Hakata / Tenjin districts.
 Fukuoka City Taxi Association is planning to locate multilingual “taxi-concierges” at taxi stands at JR Hakata Station and the Fukuoka International Airport starting on October 1 to give directions to foreign visitors. The Japan Tourism Agency intends to assist this effort.
 We believe that close cooperation among the Japan Tourism Agency, Kyushu District Transport Bureau, City of Fukuoka, Fukuoka City Taxi Association and private organizations in implementing the program will improve foreign visitor reception capability of the City of Fukuoka to a great extent.
 Furthermore, by publicizing the program and its attainments as an exemplary case throughout Japan, modernization of foreign visitor reception environment would be facilitated throughout Japan.