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Japan Tourism Agency > News/Press Conferences > Press Release > 2010 > YOKOSO! JAPAN AMBASSADOR Title changed to VISIT JAPAN AMBASSADOR.
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Last Update : 2010/10/1

 The Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Ministry had appointed sixty-three people who devoted themselves wholeheartedly to setting good examples for others as YOKOSO! JAPAN AMBASSADOR, affixed with YOKOSO JAPAN as a catch phrase logo of the Visit Japan Project campaign from January 2008 to December 2009. The appointment is made to show respect for these people's efforts to promote the Visit-Japan project encourage people to visit Japan by communicating the wonders of Japan and helping to build frameworks to accept foreign tourists to Japan.
 Under such circumstances, due to the change of this catch phrase logo from YOKOSO JAPAN to JAPAN ENDLESS DISCOVERY on April 6, 2010, we have been reviewing a change in the title of the YOKOSO! JAPAN AMBASSADORs. As a result, we have currently changed the title to that of VISIT JAPAN AMBASSADOR, and in parallel, wish to inform you of that the term of this appointment has been extended to 2013, the end of the first term of the campaign to bring 30 million visitors to Japan.