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Japan Tourism Agency newly establishes “Sports Tourism Masters”


Last Update : 2010/7/6

 The Japan Tourism Agency has been promoting “sports tourism” in order to utilize attractive sports resources in Japan to the fullest extent and to use them as a spark for tourism promotion.
 We appointed world-class athletes (former athletes) as “sports tourism masters” to transmit attractions of Japan and to further promote sports tourism utilizing their name recognition in the world. Those masters will implement PR activities for the visit Japan campaign using sports as its core in every opportunity.
 As a first step, the Japan Tourism Agency appointed Mr. Yojiro Terada, a racing driver who has participated in the Le Mans 24-hour Race for many years, Mr. Philippe Troussier, former coach of the Japan’s national soccer team and currently general manager of the FC Ryukyu, and Mr. Takumi Obara who won the Asia triathlon championship five times and involved in the sports tourism promotion focusing on the triathlon.

1.Reasons for appointment
 Those three professional have considerable experience and proven record in their field and also have a deep understanding on efforts to interact sports with tourism, so that they can have a great influence on the future sports tourism promotion
2.Date and place
 July 8, 2010 (Thursday), 13:30~14:30
 JTA International Conference Room (2nd Central Government Building 16F)
3.Media relations
 The appointment ceremony will be open to the press. If you wish to cover the ceremony, please register with the following contact until July 7 (Wednesday), 15:00. Please arrive at the venue until 13:20 on the day.