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"Unique Venue Symposium" Held


Last Update : 2019/2/15

The Japan Tourism Agency will hold a symposium on the theme of utilizing unique venues at Nogi Hall and Nogi Shrine and introduce case examples of advanced unique venues in Japan as well as conduct a panel discussion on the theme of sustainable regional cooperation in MICE using MICE experts' unique venues.
--When attracting and hosting MICE, such as international conferences and enterprises' incentive trips, it is important to conduct receptions and events at "unique venues (historical buildings, museums, aquariums, etc. that give special attention to participants)” and it has become an international trend. Along with this, facility managers and event-related companies in overseas advanced cities regard the utilization of unique venues as revenue sources and are actively working on them.
--At the Japan Tourism Agency, unique venues are an important element for strengthening the international competitiveness of the MICE of cities, and the agency also believes that this will stimulate new demand in event markets, further promoting the use of unique venues.
1. Date, time and place:
                        February 25 (Monday) 14:30-17:30 (reception from 14:00)
                        Nogi Kaikan “Toyonoakari” (8-11-27 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo)
2. Main programs:(Japanese only)
Keynote lecture: “Advanced Case in Corporate Events and Prospects of Utilization of
Unique Venues in Japan” (Mr. Theodore Miller, President and Representative Director, Empire Entertainment Japan, Ltd.,
Domestic Case Presentation: “Revitalization of the City by Attracting MICE: Efforts
of DMO Roppongi” (Mr. Kazuya Sakamoto, Executive Director, DMO Roppongi
City Presentation: “Unique Venue Model Event, Implementation Report” (Hiroshima
City "Hiroshima Metropolitan Area MICE," Izumisano City, Osaka Prefecture "Airport MICE," Gunma Prefecture "World Heritage, Cultural Heritage Utilization MICE"
 Panel Discussion: “About the Implementation Report on the Unique Venue Model Event”
3. About coverage:
--This symposium is available fully open.
--Those who are interested in media coverage, please apply by e-mail by 15:00 on
February 21 (Thu) using attachment 2 (interview application form, Japanese only), and come to the venue by 14:15 on the day of the symposium.