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The Tourism Nation Promotion Basic Plan ~Tourism in Japanese Strength and the Appeal of Tourist Areas~


Last Update : 2012/5/1

In 2012, a New “Tourism Nation Promotion Basic Plan” was approved by the cabinet.

This plan, based on the provisions of Article 10, paragraph (4) of the Tourism Nation Promotion Basic Law (Act No.117 of 2006), defines the basic plan for realizing a Tourism Nation.

“Broadening the base of tourism” and “improving the quality of tourism” have been laid out as the approach for the strategies of this basic plan.

By 2016, objectives to achieve are: (1) increase domestic travel consumption by tourism to 30 trillion yen, and (2) increase the number of international visitors to Japan to 18 million. In addition, the plan includes new indexes for “satisfaction” objectives for international visitors to Japan and traveler satisfaction of tourist areas.

Tourism is one of the pillars of Japan's growth strategy, and also contributes greatly to the recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake. We will steadily implement this plan to move towards becoming a tourism nation.

1.Direction of Reviewing Basic Plan

To take further steps in the next 5 years to overcome the current issues surrounding tourism and propel the growth of Japan, “broadening the base of tourism” and “improving the quality of tourism” have been laid out as the approach for the strategies of this basic plan.

2.Fundamental Principles

A “Recovery from the Disaster” pillar has been added, in consideration of the Great East Japan Earthquake.
(1) Recovery from the Disaster
(2) Development of the national economy
(3) Enhancement of mutual international understanding
(4) Stabilization and improvement of people's lives


〇Increase in Domestic Consumption by Tourism
(1) Domestic travel consumption
30 trillion yen by 2016.
【2009: 25.5 trillion yen】
〇Expansion/Improvement of International Tourism
(2) Number of international visitors to Japan
Increase to 18 million by 2016, aiming at the long-term target of an increase to 25 million by the beginning of 2020.
【2010 performance: 8.61 million, 2011 estimate: 6.22 million】
(3) Satisfaction of international visitors to Japan
Seek to increase, by 2016, the ratio of respondents who answer “very satisfied” in the foreign visitor consumption trends survey to 45% and the ratio of respondents who answer “definitely want to visit again” to 60%.
【2011 performance:  43.6% of the respondents answered “Very satisfied” and 58.4% answered “Definitely want to visit again”】
(4) Number of international conferences held
Target a 50% or higher increase, by 2016, in the number of international conferences held in Japan, aiming at becoming the number one conference host country in Asia. 
【2010 performance: 741 international conferences were held.】
(5) Number of Japanese travelers going overseas
Increase to 20 million by 2016.
【2010 performance: 16.64 million, 2011 estimate: 16.99 million】
〇Expansion/Improvement of Domestic Tourism
(6) Number of nights per person spent for domestic travel by Japanese people
Increase to 2.5 nights per year by 2016.
【2010 performance: 2.12 nights】
(7) Traveler satisfaction of tourist areas
Increase, by 2016, the ratio of respondents (visitors to each tourist area) who select “very satisfied” as the answer to the "overall satisfaction" question to 25% and the ratio of respondents who select “strongly agree” to the "intent to re-visit" question to 25%. 
【No actual performance data】


The main measures where the Japan Tourism Agency should perform the lead role, and measures to be undertaken by the entire government are presented in the Plan.

<Main measures the Japan Tourism Agency should perform the lead role in>
1.  Creation of attractive tourist areas that are favored by people inside and outside the country (branding of tourist regions, broad cooperation among multiple areas, etc.)
2.  Implementation of Visit Japan promotions by All Japan
3.  Enhancement of international competitiveness in the MICE field, including international conferences, etc.
4.  Promotion of time-off reforms

5.Plan Duration

The 5-year period from fiscal 2012 to 2016


Every fiscal year, the Japan Tourism Agency will, in addition to carrying out inspection/evaluation of the measures, work to reflect the applicable results into the measures of the following year in regard to relevant ministries and agencies.
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